Letter To A Prospective Client

Hello again!

Let me tell you what I’m thinking. Most trainers might jump right into giving you a diet and exercise program. Luckily, I’m not most trainers.

I definitely think we could do some good work together. My main aim, as you can (hopefully) tell from my website, is to shift your mindset around the whole idea of health and fitness, and provide you the tools necessary to pursue peak health with this new perspective.

If you were to sign on for the online training program, here’s what it would look like:

[On recurring 4-week cycles…]

·         Exercise Program/Routine [1 per cycle]

·         Video Exercise Instruction/Movement Correction [4 for first cycle; 1 per cycle thereafter]

·         Food Log Analysis and Suggestions [2 for first cycle; 1 per cycle thereafter (if needed)]

·         Scheduled Weekly Email Support [1 exchange per week]

The email support exchange is basically to say that you can compile for me a bunch of questions and thoughts in an email, send it over, and I’ll respond. Candidly, doing so once a week is in order to make the whole process scaleable and so I can help more people. But since you’re an old friend [I’m a terrible businessman, apparently, because I’ve sworn up and down to myself that I wouldn’t approach it this way], I’ll be more lax on the “once a week” thing.
If you decide not to go with the program, I still think I can help you. You can sign up for my newsletter to get updates whenever I have a new post or announcements to make, or you can simply write in with questions and I’ll likely answer them in a public way (re: a new blog post or something).

And on top of those options, I also have some feedback based on what you wrote.

1.       Exercise

It’s fantastic that you like exercise! Truth be told, I’ve found that there’s no greater motivator than actually feeling better, and since you know how that feels, we’ve already conquered one large hurdle. Our next step, exercise-wise, will be to shift your overall idea of exercise and its benefits.  

Exercise typically finds itself wedged into the “calories in vs. calories out” equation. However, most experts will even tell you that exercise alone is a poor way to lose weight. So what do we do? We shift our concept of what exercise is for and, thus, how it’s approached.

What I mean by that is that we are no longer looking to exercise in order to burn calories: we are looking to it in order to elicit specific responses from our body.

For you, this is going to involve removing anything that one might consider cardio* and sticking to walking and getting stronger. If you opt to go for the online training program, I will start you in the gym only twice a week with a focus on strength training (which, yes, equates to lifting weights) and then walking as often as possible.

For women who are weary of “getting bulky” from lifting weights, I can assure you that worry is completely unfounded. If you would like more info on that (I haven’t tackled to topic myself on my website, but I plan to…), I can find you numerous articles that go into it.

*I’m making an assumption here, but I imagine most of the biking is for “exercise” and the kayaking and camping is more for “pleasure.” The kayaking and camping are totally fine, but the long-duration, red-in-the-face, “cardio” style biking ought to take a back seat. A leisurely stroll? Cool. A race…probably not at this point in our journey.

2.       Nutrition

I agree with you – healthy food is delicious! I am a big fan of vegetables, and when I can get my wife on board (yep – I’m still only 15, but I have a wife J) I really like trying new and strange produce.

Again, though, we come to a slight paradigm shift. I’d like to get you away from the grains and more into the realm of something that looks more like Paleo, which is to say meat, vegetables, some starches (potatoes, white rice, etc.), fruit, nuts, and seeds. I wouldn’t get too caught up in trying to eat from distinct “Paleo-approved” lists, but instead try to eat real, whole foods that provide your body with good amounts of nutrition. [Caveat: fruit probably ought to be limited in the context of a fat-loss goal.]

And as far as portion-control goes, I would go so far as to say throw that notion out the window. The reason is that, again, “portion-control” is just another way of approaching the “calories in vs. calories out” equation. We are not attempting to trick our body into burning more calories than it takes in; we are trying to tell it that the nutrition we require (not just calories, but also specific nutrients that our bodies need) is not difficult to come by. We’re also looking to support ourselves hormonally and play into our natural hormonal rhythms.

One quick note on the carbs: make sure that, if you’re trying to reduce them at all, make sureyou’re not removing them but rather replacing them (namely with fat and protein). Don’t fall into the trap of dropping the carbs and finding yourself hungry all the time.

For cooking, just make Tony do it! ;-)

There are ways around always cooking, though. From super-easy make ahead meals to delivery services, there are options.

3.       Sleep

This one might be tough. It actually kind of surprises me that the medical field demands so much from its employees as to render them less healthy sometimes than the patients they’re caring for. There has to be a better scheduling system. But, then again, I am not in the field and don’t know the ins and outs…

Anyway, sleep should definitely be a priority. It has to be. Don’t ever sacrifice sleep to go get a workout in. Sleep comes first.

That’s all I have for now. Sorry – I tend to ramble.

Let me know what you think!

Talk to you soon!


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